Hearts and Soul | Pop Up

The heart wants what the heart wants. Most of the time that's food. Or wine. Or company. So, in the spirit of self-love and indulgence, we decided to treat ourselves – and you – to a night of all of that and a bag of chips!

What better venue to do that than at Mosto where Paz has created a cozy hangout that has been an awesome meeting spot for anybody looking for a glass of wine and good vibes.

For the food we are teaming up with the fantastic Nina of Eatducation who we've wanted to collaborate with for a long time. She does her very own style of heart and soul food – and we decided to take that idea somewhat literally this time. Nose to Tail meets Natural Wine! See for yourselves:


apero | 2
chicken hearts | americano | kumquat

ceviche | 6
cod | celery | snap peas | camomile

tongue salad | 6
beef tongue | dandelion | mustard

club stulle | 7
flank steak | mountain cheese | bone marrow mayo | juniper

veggie tartar | 4
fermented beets | pumpkin seed oil | pear | buckwheat

mousse | 4
white chocolate | salt lemon | bacon

menu | 25

We'll be offering a bunch of wines from Viniculture by the glass and by the bottle to go with the food: look forward to Anders Frederik Steen, Patrick Meyer, Steffan Vetter, Joan Ramon Escoda-Sanahuja and more!

Monday, September 16th. We start at 5pm.

Save the date and spread the word!

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