Long live the queen! She's one of the most revered, most mystified and most controversial... mehr
"Viniculture Seminar: LONG LIVE THE QUEEN"

Long live the queen!

She's one of the most revered, most mystified and most controversial grape varieties out there: Chardonnay. We say: anything but ABC, because "Anything But Chardonnay" would be everything but fun. We'll taste a whole bunch of different Chardonnay wines from all over the world and in many different styles, so we can get an idea of what a grape is capable of that has been said to translate terroir better than almost any other variety.

| Chardonnay Ilbesheim - Sven Leiner, Pfalz |
| À la Percenette - Domaine Pignier, Jura |

We're really looking forward to this one. Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions!

The facts:

  • Wednesday, May 23rd 2018, 8.15 PM until approx. 10.30 PM
  • The seminar will be held in English
  • 45 Euros incl. aperitif, cheese & charcuterie (by Maître Philippe)
  • @ Viniculture, Grolmanstraße 44-45, 10623 Berlin

Your receipt will be send to you and will function as your ticket. Please have it with you on the night of the event.

If you want to order wines in addition to booking the seminar, feel free to do so. Above € 75,- there are no shipping costs. The value of the seminar will count towards that.

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